2019 has promised many new adventures that have slowly unfolded in a series of exciting events. Many nervous learners and parents arrived for an all-important meeting where all expectations, goals as well as disciplinary matters were discussed. Mrs R Marks, the Phase Head as well as Mrs L Saaiman, the Grade Head were introduced to everyone along with the various class tutors. Learners were given a “VIP” tour of the school while the parents enjoyed refreshments. The very next day, our learners were dressed to impress in our BRAND NEW school uniform and were informed to leave their special new blazers at home as we have a final ceremony to officially welcome them into Bloubergrant High School as “Bergies”. We spent the day dividing them into groups and performing different activities such as a group dance and informing them what it means to be a leader on the RCL.

The final day of orientation or what we like to call our “Fun Day”, lead to much laughter and happiness when our Grade 8s performed their dances and then enjoyed a couple of games and obstacle courses on the school field. A great lunch was provided and our tired learners were sent home to rest for the eventful Monday that was waiting for them.

After a couple of weeks and many new faces joining team BHS, our Blazer Ceremony was hosted where the parents of the respective learners were given the opportunity to hand over a blazer to their son or daughter. The learners were then asked to read out their pledge to Bloubergrant High School while many parents wiped some tears and took many photographs.

We have had an interesting few weeks at school so far with many different personalities but we are so excited to see what the future holds for the class of 2023!

Mrs A van Heerden