On the 26th of January, 2019, Bloubergrant High hosted its first Colour Run event. This was one of the main fundraisers towards the Matric Dance,with the Grade 11 Fundraising team being kept very busy with promoting and marketing the event. During the two weeks before the event, we showcased a mini colour run and managed to sell 318 more tickets. Again, this is proof of the saying: “hard work pays off”.

Two days before the event, the wind started blowing profusely and we wondered whether this event could still take place. Despite this, the Saturday morning proved to be a lovely sunny day with no wind!

Crafters started setting up their stalls from 6 am and by 8 am we were ready to set off and run our race. The event was a smashing success with the first learner completing his run within 40 minutes.

The Grade 11 Fundraising Team wish to thank all the teachers who took part and enjoyed the event with us, especially to the following:

Mr Mbiba, Mr Gonzo, Mr Pedro and Mrs Pedro, as well as to the winner of the ladies race, Miss Bantom.

A special thanks also goes out to Mr Dirks and Mr Felix for their assistance with organization and logistics on the day.