On the 1st of Feb we embarked on our camp at Ihlati Bush Camp. 97 learners accompanied us along with six staff members. A rather excited group of learners started our day off with smiles and laughter. As we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff and the rules were laid down for the weekend ahead. As the heat got the better of us our learners started their camp off with a refreshing swim. As the evening drew upon us we headed for supper thereafter a night walk…scared of the unknown we took on the stars. Some took the short cut and ended up running for their lives and others made it out alive…the teachers too.

Friday night left us with very little sleep but we managed to all make breakfast bright and early. The groups were split in two and each took on the obstacle course and fun activity. All their activities boosted their self-esteem and team work amongst the group. The children enjoyed their time grouped with learners they would have never spoken to before. All excited we ended off our Saturday on a high as we had some of the staff members who visited for supper join in on the fun. By Saturday night they tried their hardest to stay awake but the day got the better of them. Some were sad that it was their last day at camp and others were ready to hit the road home. Sunday we enjoyed our last breakfast together and started preparing to say goodbye. Tired and in need of much sleep we boarded the bus. We had a great time on camp!!!

I hope that they use what they were taught on camp to carry them through this busy year of high school.

Miss Moses
Grade Head